THE SPLIT: 75% to the loser of the hand, 25% to the winner


Hold'Em - A's/10's /$60/6-26

Dealers'Choice-Str FL 10's/$30/ 6-26


Starting Feb 1st we will be following the Poker TDA rules.  There are a couple of exceptions.  The major rule changes have been highlighted.  If you have any questions or problems please call AJ. 


June News

Great news!! We have a new venue starting in July! Tuesday nights at 7:00!      Sneakers On The Green!

(605 Penman Rd S 32250) Located at Jax Beach Golf Course, Sneakers has been serving the beaches area for over 20 years! They serve great food and it’s on a golf course!!!


See you at the tables!!

1. Download Poker Bros app - found in app store or the Google play store.

2. Once you open the app, it will show the Poker Bros logo - give it a second and it will start to download.

3. Once download is complete, you will need to register (button left corner), enter your username and password, don’t use your screen name here.

4. The next screen will say “Enter Your Nickname”, enter your name in this format - your JPA#Name   Ex:  2823AJ - you have to use your player number, then use your initial or nickname.  Its very important to use your JPA player number so that I can keep track of your success.   If you don’t know it please contact AJ or your favorite director.

5. “Join A Club” - enter club ID 39720 - you don’t need the referrer ID.You should see your “nickname” then click “join”

6. Once payment is received you will be accepted.  I will add enough chips into your account to play all 3 games every day for the month.

7.  Payments can be made with Venmo or Paypal.

Venmo - @Arthur-Jones-999  Paypal - 9049231233

Please add in the notes your "nickname" when send your payment!

If you have any problems or questions please call/text AJ!

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