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This session will be September thru December.  Top 3 at any venue and Top 40 in the city qualify. The Prize Pool will be increased to $3,000 for the Main Event and $1,000 for mid-season Team Event which will be from October 22nd to November 4th. If you have any questions or concerns please call or text

 Pam (904) 755-6862 or

Carl (561) 856-0378. 

Season 3 News


1- Blinds are the same as nightly blinds. 

2 - Starting stack is the same as Main Event

3 - We will track points for a 2-week period from October 22nd to November 4th.

4 - TOP 20 Players from this 2 week period will Qualify = 10 Teams of 2 (NO alternates)

5 - One “Time Out” consultation per person. We will have special color chips for this.

6 -We will switch players every 3 hands keeping the 3 players who won the last 3 hands. (OLD SYSTEM except it is now 2 players per team instead of 3)

7 - Someone will deal this one table event & also keep the play moving while doing the switching. 

8 - Prizes = 1st $250 each, 2nd $100 each, 3rd $50 each. All 20 players get a $10 Token that they can use for food or beverage at the bar. $1,000 Total Prize Pool

9 - All players who Qualify for this event will also Qualify for BPO FLORIDA

10- The Team Event will be 11/11/2023. Location TBD.

What a Weekend!!! Over $1,000 in Prizes in our first "TEAM EVENT"! Jim Naylor and Rick Foreman finished 1st winning $250 each while Wilma Naylor and Diane Mattaliano finished 2nd winning $100 each! Diane Russel and Jordon Toran were 3rd Winning $50 Each. Congrats to all of our Top 20




















Congratulations to Robert Irvin our New Main Event Champion!

Robert dominated the Final Table elimating each of the other 8 players at the table. The most dramatic hand was when Robert went ALL-In with Queen-10 and Defending Champion Sid Williams had pocket kings in the Big Blind. Robert made a full house with his 10 and knocked out Sid Williams in 8th place and took a dominant chip lead which he never gave up. Lester finished in 2nd place improving from his 3rd place finish last season and Dona Foreman finished in 3rd place this season.

Robert will be carrying his Trophy and Traveling Belt with Pride!!


1st Place was $1000 and 11th thru 18th all won $50!!

Over $3,000 in total prizes!

Final 18 Players

1st Robert Irvin, 2nd Lester Wills, 3rd Dona Foreman
4th Buck Cassidy, 5th Brenda Watford, 6th Joe Azato
7th Robert ONeill, 8th Sid Williams, 9th Melissa Mathis
10th Jordan Toran, 11th Mike Musson, 12th Mel Leonard
13th Carl McCormick, 14th Gina Banks, 15th Kevin Weston

16th Bryan Vanley, 17th Lucy Bafford and 18th Lynn Cannon

Congrats to all the players and good luck next season!

Players also voted on the Team Event and it has been tweaked again. The details are lsited above under Season 3 News. The points will be from October 22rd to November 4th. The Top 20 during that period will be invited to a Team Event to be held on 11/11/23!!
Cya All then! 


*2575 to start
*2500 Extra donation chips
*500 Facebook SHARE only (not likes)
*500 "Early Chips" for being 30 minutes early to venue
*100 Keychain/Koozie/ Small gear

*500 Shirt/Hat/Big Gear

*600 Cap for "Gear" Chips
*500 on Appetizers, cocktails, beers, milkshakes, Etc.

*Players will be chipped up as they order.
*1500 for Buckets
*1500 for "real" Entrees

*Cap for "ALL" food and drink chips is 3000 extra chips 
*Extra chips are given out "immediately" after order is made
*Chip ups are until the first break

Player Entry
Players can enter tournament during the 1st hour. You must try to notify the T.D. within 15 minutes of the start time if you plan on coming late. 

Online Events
Our "ONLINE" games are on Thursday nights at 830pm. The Online game will have a separate leaderboard on the JPA website and the Top 3 players on these leaderboards will be invited to the JPA Main Event like any other JPA Leaderboard. Click ONLINE above for more details.



Mike Musson Won $700 in Prizes finishing in 2nd Place having the Chip Lead most of the way. The Rest of the Final Table won over $1300 in Prizes and finished in the following order: 

3rd - Jim Naylor, 4th - Joe Mietzler, 5th - Mike Plumb, 6th - Frank Hall, 7th - Dan VanCamp eliminated when his Aces were cracked by our Winner Dick Ludlam, 8th - Valarie Newby, 9th - Brian Landislas, and 10th - Hadi Rahimi!

Congratulations to ALL who attended!!


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