November News


Beginning July 1st, we will have quarterly tournaments instead of 2 month tournaments.  This session will be October, November, and December.  Top 3 at any venue and Top 40 in the city qualify. If you have any questions or problems please call or text

 Pam (904) 755-6862 or

Carl (561) 856-0378. 

*2575 to start
*2500 Extra donation chips
*500 Facebook SHARE only (not likes)
*500 "Early Chips" for being 30 minutes early to venue
*100 keychain/gear
*500 any purchases. Ex. Appetizers, cocktails, beers, milkshakes, etc. Cap at 1500 for 3 of these smaller items. Players will be chipped up as they order.
*1500 for Buckets
*1500 for "real" Entrees  
*Extra chips are given out "immediately" after order is made
*Chip ups are only for the 1st hour

Player Entry
Players can enter tournament during the 1st hour. You must try to notify the T.D. within 15 minutes of the start time if you plan on coming late. 

Online Events
We will start next week with making two "ONLINE" games count as regular points games. We are targeting Thursday nights at 830pm and Saturdays at 330pm. Each one of these will have a separate leaderboard on the JPA website and the Top 3 players on these leaderboards will be invited to the JPA Main Event like any other JPA Leaderboard.

Congratulations to Main Event Winner - Peter Thornton

Peter Won a huge 3 way All-In pot with Pocket Nines as he turned a set elimanating Kyle Horst and Owen Black and taking a commanding chip lead that he never gave up. Congrats Pete on your $1000 in Prizes.  


Jack Fussel Won $700 in Prizes finishing in 2nd Place grinding out a short stack most of the way. The Rest of the Final Table won over $1300 in Prizes and finished in the following order: 

3rd - Wade Westbrook, 4th - Tom Petrucci, 5th - Owen Black, 6th - Kyle Horst, 7th - Lauren Joyce, 8th - Diane Mattaliano, 9th - Josh Aaronson, and 10th - Mike Plumb!

Congratulations to ALL who attended!!

main event 10 15 2022.jpg

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