THE SPLIT: 75% to the loser of the hand, 25% to the winner


Hold'Em - A's/8's /$500/12-16

Dealers'Choice-Str FL K/$10/12-16


Week 6 News

Team Poker will be Saturday Dec. 14th at 3:00.  It will be held at Dick's Wings.  Valerie Newby, Jan Hickey and Dennis Barrett are the current champs!  Whose going to take down the Champs!


The following players are qualified:  


There is no rabbit hunting in JPA.  If you want to rabbit hunt go the the woods!


Melissa Mathis, Frank Hall, Rodney Adams

CJ Roy, Jason Downs, Clay Burres

Diane Mattaliano, Tyler Thomson

Roberta Moore, Sid Williams, Pam Stewart

Will Hough, Don Howland, Darryl Shinault

Lisa Brannan, Bennett Curry, Brian Booker

James Mobley, Barbara Wegznek

Evelyn Bailey and John Campbell