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Congrats to our Main Event Champion Alex Ranziger and our two newest Hall Of Famers Sid Williams and Frank Hall!!  This session will be May 1st to July 31st with $3000 in prizes. If you have any questions or concerns please call or text

Leilani (904) 207-1336

 Pam (904) 755-6862 or

Carl (561) 856-0378. 

Season 1 News

Season 1, 2024 Main Event Results

We opened the Main Event announcing our newest JPA HALL OF FAME inductees, Sid Williams & Frank "Coach" Hall. We will induct a new player at each Main Event moving forward and their induction will be based on longevity, achievement, integrity and sportsmanship. There are many players deserving of this honor and we are looking forward to announcing a new inductee each season.

The Main Event was 62 players strong and the huge hands of the day went to Lucy Bafford who shocked David Collins when she turned over Quad 7s against his pocket kings and Barb Wegznek was dealt a straight flush to the 7 beating Vickie Stephen's straight flush to the 6. Way to go ladies!All great hands which make this game such an entertaining roller coaster. Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting on…The results!

20th Sid Williams, 19th John Marcil, 18th Kevin Weston, 17th Valarie Newby, 16th Mark Thomas, 15th Andrea Hickey, 14th Rich Leasure, 13th John Kane, 12th Vickie Stephen, 11th Lucy Bafford, 10th Dustin Sculley, 9th Denis Abromavage, 8th Clay Burres,

7th Diane Russell, 6th Dawson Sculley, 5th Hadi Rahimi, 4th Brenda Watford, 3rd Johnny Vasquez, 2nd Barbara Wegznek and


Congrats to you all!

Thank you to ALL the JPA players for supporting us and your TDs all season long!!


1st Andrea Hickey, Johnny Vasquez, Cory Hill (middle)

2nd Sid Williams, Melissa Mathis, Judith Nichols (left)

3rd Jaden Ruff, Ed Sevold, Jordon Toran (right)

*2500 to start
*2500 Extra donation chips
*500 Facebook SHARE only (not likes)
*500 "Early Chips" for being 30 minutes early to venue
*100 Keychain/Koozie/ Small gear

*500 Shirt/Hat/Big Gear

*600 Cap for "Gear" Chips
*500 on Appetizers, cocktails, beers, milkshakes, Etc.

*Players will be chipped up as they order.
*1500 for Buckets
*1500 for "real" Entrees

*Cap for "ALL" food and drink chips is 3000 extra chips 
*Extra chips are given out "immediately" after order is made
*Chip ups are until the first break

Player Entry
Players can enter tournament during the 1st hour. You must try to notify the T.D. within 15 minutes of the start time if you plan on coming late. 

Online Events
Our "ONLINE" games are on Thursday nights at 830pm. The Online game will have a separate leaderboard on the JPA website and the Top 3 players on these leaderboards will be invited to the JPA Main Event like any other JPA Leaderboard. Click ONLINE above for more details.

JPA Champions_edited.jpg
JPA CHAMPION_edited.jpg
team event season 1 2024.jpeg
may 2024 season 1 main event.jpg



1- Blinds are the same as nightly blinds.

2 - Starting stack is the same as Main Event

3 - We will track points for a 2-week period from February 25th to March 9th.

4 - TOP 18 Players from this 2 week period will Qualify = 8 Teams of 3

5 - One “Time Out” consultation per person. We will have special color chips for this.

6 -We will switch players every 3 hands keeping the 3 players who won the last 3 hands.

7 - Someone will deal this one table event & also keep the play moving while doing the switching.

8 - Prizes = 1st $150 each, 2nd $100 each, 3rd $50 each. Pizza will be provided. All 24 players get a $5 Token that they can use for food or beverage at the bar. $1,000++ Total Prize Pool

9 - All players who Qualify for this event will also Qualify for BPO VEGAS

10- The Team Event will be 3/23/2024. Location- Jax Craft Beer.

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