THE SPLIT: 75% to the loser of the hand, 25% to the winner


Hold'Em - A's/10's /$460/11-18

Dealers'Choice-Quad 10's/$190/11-18


Week 2 News

The Session 5 Finals will be Nov. 23rd at 2:00.  It will be held at Lillian's.  

The following players qualified for the Session 5 Finals:

Adam Strait, Allen Lee Casey, Andrew Pisano

Barbara Wegznek, Ben Allen, Bennett Curry

Blake Christiansen, Bob Stewart, Brenda Watford

Brian Haltiwanger, Brittney Noe, Bruce Maston

Buddy Poe, Chris Harrington, CJ Roy

Clay Burres, Danielle Catron, Deb Dishmon

Debra Wellmann, Denis Abromavage

Dennis Barrett, Diane Mattaliano

Diane Russell, Dona Foreman, Evelyn Bailey

Frank Byman, Frank Hall, Gabe Laserna

Gary Barnett, George Cane, Greg Sutton

Hadi Rahimi, Jack Fussell, Jacob Swaney

Jason Downs, Jason Mundy, Jeff Moore

Jeremy Harcourt, Jeri Greer, Jim Watford

Joe Manasco, John Clements, Joseph Azato

Judd Cummings, Kevin Weston, Kevyn Wellmann

Lester Wills, Lisa Brannan, Lisa Howard

Lisa Naslund, Lucy Bafford, Marisa Smith

Melissa Mathis, Michael Woldt, Mike Musson

Mistie Roberson, Owen Black, Pam Jakowitz

Pam Soliz, Pam Stewart, Patty Siddon

Ray Longino, Rich Bafford, Richard Smith

Roberta Moore, Rodney Adams, Sandy Wolfe

Shonterra Shinault, Sid Williams, Susie Mork

Taz Owens, Thaddeus Mayers, Tom Petrucci

Travis Bowen, Trina Woods, Tyler Thomson

Valarie Newby and Will Hough


TIME CHANGE!! - Gators Dockside Friday afternoon game starts at 1:00pm!


There is no rabbit hunting in JPA.  If you want to rabbit hunt go the the woods!


The qualifying week for Team Poker is Monday Nov 18th - Sunday Nov 24th!  The top 21 point earners for the week will compete against the Champs!  Who will be the next Team Tourney Champs?

FYI - there will be no games scheduled on Thanksgiving. There will be no game on Friday Nov 29th at Woody's Ponte Verda